Shocking Colon Cleanse Facts Revealed ! Don't Ignore the Importance of Colon Clenz!

An unclean, weak and poorly functioning colon, is a breeding ground for many diseases.. Many serious health issues could start if the colon isn’t well cared for. A recently conducted general health survey commissioned by GMC in collaboration with Mercer surveys points out that colon health care in the USA and UK has been woefully neglected. As a result of neglect for colon cleanse (colon clenz),  in the US and UK alone, several million Dollars are spent every year on laxatives.  Even the most health conscious person is usually unaware of the importance of Colon Cleanse. Every year an estimated 23,0000 new cases of colon and rectal cancer is diagnosed world over. Colon cancer is identified to be the second leading cancer killer in the world, second only to lung cancer in men, and breast cancer in women. Blame it this alone on poor colon cleanse. 

Colon Cleanse Facts in Video

The presentation in the video clearly shows the amount of the toxic contents that are accumulated in the colon over a period of time. Of course, it is not all necessary to keep fasting for days to clean the colon. There are a few good natural and effective colon cleansers that can easily keep our colon clean and healthy always. 

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Regular colon cleanse if neglected, it has serious repercussions on the overall well being of every individual. Some of the very common problems associated with unclean colon (poor colon clenz) are as follows: 








Distended Abdomen

Bad Breath/Halitosis

Skin Problems

Chronic Fatigue




Prostate Trouble

Difficult Weight Loss

Frequent Colds



Food Cravings

Abdominal Gas


Foul Body Odour

Menstrual Problems

Why should you require regular colon cleanse or colon clenz?

The Egyptian and Greek physicians form the ancient time advocated colon clenz on a regular basis to maintain a healthy and long life. Modern medical science have strongly endorsed these views and has medically proven that accumulation of putrefied feces over the crevices and tracts in the walls of the large intestine provides conducive habitat for pathogenic gut flora or variety of parasites causing hazardous ailments and general ill-health. Clean colon after a proper colon cleanse aka colon clenz promotes good health and wards off numerous deceases associated with bowel. 

The colons in your body become less and less capable of absorbing essential nutrients as accumulated toxins, army of parasites and thick layer of accumulated mucus weakens the colons. The symptoms of ill healthy colon are lack of energy, extreme tiredness, acne, tummy growth and irritant colon. Multitude of common complains like constipation, bloating, digestive disorder, development of gas, IBS and constant feeling of hunger are signs that clearly indicate that your colon needs cleaning, a thorough colon clenz.   

The chances of developing colon cancer are very high with large quantity of toxic contents accumulated in the colon with poor colon clenz. The exact reason for colon cancer is not known to medical researcher, but the available medical proves supports the view that toxic properties is that abets and promotes colon cancer. Most of this prevented with good colon clenz.  

Regular colon cleansing is highly recommended for healthy life. Supplements like Bowtrol or DigestIt the most popular colon clenz, are the best natural herbal solutions that can cleanse the colon with no side effects. It is advisable that you can give proper health to your entire family with these colon cleansing supplements. Besides the these supplements, make it a habit to drink a minimum of 4 liters of water every day and include lot of green fibrous food in your diet. Watch the video on colon clenz. 

How to cleanse colon?

Of all the methods of colon clenz, oral cleaning practices are the most traditional and easiest. Oral cleaning of colon is done with the help of herbs, laxatives, dietary fiber or dietary supplements. In extreme cases, Enema is used for colon cleansing which requires hospitalization of the patient. Natural herbal pills and supplements are the finest, safest and easiest way to keep you and your family healthy and happy with no hazels. Oxygen-Based Colon Cleansing is another effective method of colon clenz. Ozonated magnesium oxidesto is effectively utilized used to drain away the solid toxic substances into a liquid or gas state. It gives a complete cleaning of colon of all toxic contents and also oxidizes the body. Healthy life is the result of good colon clenz. 

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What is the importance of colon clenz or colon therapy? What are the side effects of colon cleansing? How often one needs to cleanse the colon? How does colon flushing help in weight loss?These are some of the frequently asked questions on colon cleansing. Here we are briefly enumerating some of the prime reasons and importance of colon clenz.

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#1 Colon Clenz Removes Toxins and Parasites

The most important reason for regular colon clenz is to remove accumulated toxins from the bowel and selective eliminate the harmful army of parasites from the colon. Most of the ailments related to bowel like constipation, abdominal pain, discomfort or bloating, colon cancer, gastro natal problems, and indigestion are some of the common problems caused by presence of toxic contents and harmful parasites in the large intestine.

#2 Colon Clenz Effective for Weight Loss

Recent medical researches on Weight Management it is diagnosed that a large number of people experience massive gain weight due to disruptive metabolism and digestion. It is the presence of large quantity of toxins and harmful parasites and fungal growth in the large intestine that affects the digestive system. Thus regular colon cleansing is the first and for most step need to be taken towards effective weight control.  

#3 Colon Clenz Rejuvenates Skin and Cures Skin Disorder

Most of the skin related ailments and even acne and pimple are mostly due to the presence of toxic contents in the body. An effective colon cleanser like Bowtrol or DigestIt not only cleanses the colon, but also completely detoxifies the entire body and purifies the blood.

#4 Colon Cleanse Increases Energy and Vitality

A clean colon makes a person feel fresh and active. Colon Cleansing drastically improves the metabolism and strengthens the digestive system. As a result of colon therapy one is gifted with higher levels of energy and vitality, and keeps one fresh and healthy.

#5. Colon Cleanse Controls Common Head Aches, Migraine, Stomach Pains and Gastric

As we have already said that toxins in the large intestine leads to a variety of health complications. Poor digestive system totally weakens the health. A proper and regular cleansing of colon takes a good care most of the common illness. 

#6 Colon Clenz Effectively Controls Feeling of Constant Hungriness

It is the presence of large amount parasites and fungus that leaves us with the feeling of constant hunger. The parasites and fungus thrives on the essential nutrients required for the maintenance of the body function and cells regeneration. The body reacts to the low supply of energy nutrients with sensory reminders of constant feeling of hunger and urge for food.   

What are the side effects of Colon Cleansing?

The colon cleanser you use must be of good quality and standard. Often some of the medically unapproved colon cleansers not only destroys the parasites and detoxifies the body, but they can also remove numerous essential bacteria from the intestine which is really harmful to the body and digestive system. So it is essential to choose good cleansers like Bowtrol or DigestIt as they contain probiotics (friendly bacteria) to help promote healthy flora within the intestines. Read also ther articles on  Colon Clenz from below given link. 

Top 5 Best Colon Cleansers 

Top 5 Best Colon Cleanse

Here is an authentic review on the Top five best colon cleanse which are natural and totally herbal based . After much research and reviewing, we have handpicked the best colon cleanse solutions for you. This review write up is totally based on factual findings and on words of actual users of Herbal Colon Cleanse which I have gathered from Health Forums, Review Blogs by Colon Cleanse users, Videos and Educational Websites.  

#1 DigestIt


Customer Satisfaction     : 98/100

Free Bottle Offer             : On Selected Orders

Cost                               : $ 47.97

Money Back Guarantee   : Yes

Our Verdict                     : Excellent

DigestIt is fast becoming the popular colon cleanse therapy with its superior combined effect of colon cleansing and weight loss. This perhaps the only colon clenz pill that is also equally effective in losing weight without the need of additional supplements. The natural ingredients in this best colon cleanserDigestIt,  gently cleanse the colon and effectively take control of shedding unwanted weight. We all know that if we are overweight, the condition might be a result of a clogged colon. This colon cleanse program is specifically designed for people who need weight loss and colon clenz. In fact, it has the capability to balance the health of the digestive tract. DigestIt has over 9 billion live probiotic cells.  This number is said to be five times more than what you see in yogurt plus the product contains lesser sugar and calories. This will then boost the immune system. It is 100% natural supplement that easily relieves constipation, gas and bloating, and reduces water retention while breaking up feacal matters that may harm your system. This colon cleanser increases energy levels in the body and effectively reduces weight. The product is available in risk-free trial for first time customer. Together with your purchase, you are entitled to two free gifts – an e-book on weight loss tips and a video on weight loss. Digest It is on its way to fast becoming the best colon cleanse in the market as its popularity is growing steadily.

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#2 Bowtrol


Customer Satisfaction     : 98/100

Free Bottle Offer             : On Selected Orders

Cost                               : $39.95

Money Back Guarantee   : Yes

Our Verdict                     : Excellent      

Bowtrol is the largest selling and most popular colon cleanser. It had been the customer’s favorite sinca couple years as it is acclaimed to be the safest, most effective and most affordable. Bowtrol customers are also provided with free trial offer and additional bonus products on first purchase order. It has been found that Bowtrol Colon Cleanser is very effective in colon flushing and provides relief from constipation and brings about appreciable improvement in digestive functioning within a matter of few days. This product also includes probiotics (friendly bacteria) to help promote healthy flora within the intestines

Another biggest advantage of this product is that it promotes natural weight loss. It happens as result of improved metabolism with the removal of harmful toxins and parasites form the large intestine. One of the things we appreciate most in Bowtrol is its ability to provide healthy bowel movements without causing loose stools or cramping unlike other colon cleansers available in the market. It is constituted of 100% natural and handpicked organic ingredients with no side effects on the body. It is perhaps thebest colon cleanse.

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#3 Colonix


Customer Satisfaction     : 82/100

Free Trial Offer                : NO

Cost                               : $88

Money Back Guarantee   : No

Our Verdict                     : Good

The Colonix Colon Cleanser is one of the largest selling products in this category. It has lots of customers, mostly because of the massive advertisement campaign run by the promoting company Dr.Natura. The promoters claims that it has a triple action effect on the body like cleanses intestine; effectively controls parasites and detoxifies the body. The effect of the product is best experienced when it is taken together with Klen Tea. This program is popular, but the biggest drawback of this colon flusher is that it requires a person to consume a total of 9 tablets a day with Klen Tea mixed with Toxin absorber. Many of the customers have voiced concerns over the effectiveness of the product as it has left them with headache and mild stomach cramps. We will not recommend this as the best colon cleanser you should opt for. Undoubtedly Colonix is not the  best colon cleanse

#4. Dual Actions Colon Cleanse


Customer Satisfaction     : 90/100

Free Trial Offer                : No

Cost                               :$79.90  

Money Back Guarantee   : Yes

Our Verdict                     : Average

Dual Action Colon Cleanse as seen on TV HHN is basically a 2-part system: Colon Cleanser and Total Body Purifier to help you cleanse your body of toxins . It is advocated that with one tablet a day there is no need to do any fasting or dieting to manage your weight and keep the body completely free of all toxic materials. The product has received mixed reviews, as this colon clenz therapy has not gone down well with some of the customers. One of the main drawback is that it consists of three products, Energy Bust, Essential Health Oil and Perfect Fibre and it also costs over $80, which is well above the average cost in comparison with other products in this catagory. According to Dual Action Cleanse’s website and Terms & Conditions, they offer 30 days money back guarantee. Of course, there are stipulations and guidelines that you have to agree to, just to qualify for a refund. 

#5 Oxy-Powder


Customer Satisfaction     : 85/100

Free Trial Offer                : No

Cost                               :$44.95  

Money Back Guarantee   : No

Our Verdict                     : Average/Avoidable

Oxy-Powder is quite a different product form all the rest when it comes to the ingredients. The major ingredient  in this colon clenz therapy is is magnesium compound, it works by liquefying the stool, rather than acting as a bulking agent and a scrub in the colon as do products containing psyllium. In our opinion, Oxy-Powder is a safe and effective colon cleansing agent. This innovative product works gently to help the colon remove mucus, toxins, and impacted waste without the dangerous and embarrassing side effects of conventional laxatives. One of the biggest plus points of Oxy-Powder is that it promotes the colon's normal cleansing ability without harming beneficial intestinal bacteria.


Acai Berry Colon Cleanse Review 

In recent developments and findings in Weight loss solutions, it has been revealed and testified by several beneficiaries that best step forward to Weight Loss and Weight Control is with Acai Berry Colon Cleanse.  Acai Berry itself is a natural detoxifier and if this natural supplement is taken together with DigetIt or Bowtrol, it can bring about fast weight lose and total detoxification of the body.  

Acai Berry Colon Cleanse Feedback

Let me just briefly narrate to you one of the authentic testimonials I have come across in this regard. Claret, a woman of 29 years age from Sydney, was seriously worried and vexed about the massive weight gain problem. She went through an array of medical consultations and fat removal surgeries. She took up severe exercise regimes, often with great difficulty, to manage her weight. All her really tiring and expensive efforts gave her temporary solutions but not a long lasting solution. She also purchased several slimming pills and oils. Nothing could give her satisfactory solution. ai Berrry Colon Cleanse Then it was at the advice of one of her relative, Barbara, she decided to try Colon Cleansing and Acai Berry combination. She did not believe much that it will do anything good to her, as she had gone through several other unsatisfactory weight loss solutions before this. To her great satisfaction and surprise, the trial was extremely satisfactory. She reduced over 33lbs of unwanted fat from her body in less than 8 weeks with colon clenz and acai berry diet routine. Let me reproduce to you what Claret has said recently in one of her blogs, “The combined effects of Colon Cleansing and Acai Berry have made me loose 33lbs of fats and I have gained sound health through regular colon cleansing. I would sincerely advice you to try this out for yourself to see the unbelievable positive effects on your health as I am experiencing it myself.”

Effect of Acai Berry Colon Cleanse

Acai Berry Colon Cleansing totally removes the toxic contents from the colon and effectively eliminates the army of parasites form the large intestine. It had been medically proven that mal-functioning of digestive system with large accumulations of toxic properties and parasites in the colon are one of the major causes of weight gain. Regular colon cleansing helps a lot in effective and natural weight reduction. Acai Berries are the best known natural weight loss supplement. It also helps in reducing the aging process, re-growth of cells, purifications of blood, reduction of cholesterol and many more. Acai Berry Colon Cleanse is one best natural way to lose weight and keep oneself fit. 

Acai Berry Colon Cleanse is effective in weight loss as it increases the rate of healthy metabolic activities in the digestive system. If your are serious about healthy and long life would not be hesitant in trying out Colon Clenz and Acai Berry for weight loss and over all well being of healthy body and mind. Acai Berry Colon Cleanse is widely acclaimed as one of the best weight lose solution.  


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